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If you manufacture, sell or distribute water treatment or distribution products in North America, your products are required to comply with NSF/ANSI Standard 61: Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects by most governmental agencies that regulate drinking water supplies. Developed by a team of scientists, industry experts and key industry stakeholders, NSF/ANSI 61 sets health effects criteria for many water system components including: Protective barrier materials (cements, paints, coatings); Joining and sealing materials (gaskets, adhesives, lubricants); Mechanical devices (water meters, valves, filters); Pipes and related products (pipe, hose, fittings); Plumbing devices (faucets, drinking fountains); Process media (filter media, ion exchange resins); Non-metallic potable water materials.

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Listings With NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Certification in Water Quality & Water Resource Management

LG NanoH2O, Inc.


LG NanoH2O designs, develops, manufactures and markets reverse osmosis (RO) membranes that lower the cost of desalination. Based on breakthrough nanostructured materials and industry-proven polymer technology, LG NanoH2O’s RO membranes dramatically improve desalination energy efficiency and productivity. LG NanoH2O seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) membranes, Standard 61 certified by NSF International for the production of drinking water, deliver the... Read More

750 Lairport Street
El Segundo, California
USA 90245
(424) 218-4000

Additional Listing Categories: Desalination