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212 Resources, LLC

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With the development of unconventional oil and gas reservoirs that utilize hydraulic fracturing technologies, water management concerns have escalated. In certain geographic areas the total cost of handling water, from sourcing through disposal, is challenging the economic viability of future field development. 212 Resources offers proprietary technology providing an economic solution to the energy industry through our patented mechanical vapor... Read More

212-450 Gears Road
Houston, Texas
USA 77067
(713) 554-3500

Applied CleanTech


Recognizing sewage as a resource of which useful commodities can be mined, Applied CleanTech had developed a groundbreaking sewage recycling technology to extract revenue-generating cellulose-based raw material Recyllose�, out of raw wastewater. Since 2007, the company’s proprietary Sewage Recycling System (SRS) is an integrated solution which reduces sludge formation in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), reduces... Read More

627-3525 Del Mar Heights Road
San Diego, California
USA 92130
(718) 841-8304

Baleen Filters, Pty. Ltd.

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A new dimension in separation technology, a self-cleaning filter, originally patented by the University of South Australia and critically tested by industry. It is now being sold under the ‘Baleen’ Trademark. The word ‘Baleen’ is an anatomical description for the whalebone that belongs to a group of filter-feeding whales. The baleen is essentially the filter mechanism that enables the whale to collect plankton, small fish and other marine organisms from the... Read More

P.O. Box 1189
North Adelaide,
+61 (088) 354-4511

BCR Environmental Corporation

Service Provider

BCR Environmental Corporation is a U.S. based clean technology company focused on providing industry-revolutionizing solutions that convert biosolids and organic wastes into safe, valuable, and marketable products. Our company and all of our solutions are based on the principals of simplicity, modularity, environmental responsibility, and economic viability. BCR’s patented solutions include CleanB™, CleanB-AC™, and Neutralizer®. Our solutions... Read More

21-3740 St. Johns Bluff Road South
Jacksonville, Florida
USA 32224
(904) 819-9170



Bilexys (Brisbane) is developing an alternative manufacturing platform for the production of chemicals and plastics. The Company’s process technologies involve bioelectrochemistry and the use of wastewater as the source of its raw materials. Traditionally, wastewater treatment has been viewed as an operating expense of an industrial complex. Bilexys approaches wastewater treatment as an opportunity to biologically convert the organics within wastewater... Read More

Gehrmann Building, 60 Advanced Water Management Centre, The University of Queen sland
+6 (173) 346-3220



Clean-tech company, BioGill, was established to commercialise cutting-edge wastewater treatment technology developed in the laboratories of the Australian Federal Government Agency, ANSTO. Worldwide patents are now in place for both the gill technology and the wastewater treatment process. BioGills are manufactured using a Nano-Ceramic Membrane™ incorporated into a bioreactor that effectively operates as both a “stomach” and a “lung”. Bacteria... Read More

15/3 Box Road
Taren Point,
+6 (128) 513-7555

BioIonix, Inc.


BioIonix, Inc. manufacturers a breakthrough process that solves many of the liquid stream disinfection challenges faced by food processors and other large industrial water users worldwide. The system's rugged design meets 3A sanitation standards and is fully CIP (clean-in-place) cleanable. USDA approval has been received for demanding meat and poultry applications. Based on a decade of intensive research and development, the BioIonix process disinfects and... Read More

4603 Triangle Street
McFarland, Wisconsin
USA 53558
(608) 838-0300


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BIOPOLUS is a new venture founded for the development of Biopolus Hubs, special multi-input and multi-output living factories to convert urban organic wastes and municipal wastewater to products for sale. Hubs Our Hubs are generic purpose bio-conversion systems based on latest generation bioreactor network technology for the purpose to integrate distributed biological manufacturing with distributed urban water recycle infrastructure. BIOPOLUS is building an... Read More

Infopark building I, Infopark s_tˆny 1.
Hungary 1117
(361) 445-0898

California Water Service Company (Cal Water)

Service Provider

California Water Service Company (Cal Water) is the largest investor-owned American water utility west of the Mississippi River and the third largest in the country. Formed in 1926, the San Jose-based company serves more than 473,100 customers through 28 Customer and Operations Centers throughout the state. Cal Water is the largest subsidiary of the California Water Service Group, which also includes Washington Water Service Company, New Mexico Water Service... Read More

1720 North First Street
San Jose, California
USA 95112
(800) 750-8200

Cambrian Innovation


Spun out of MIT in 2006, Cambrian Innovation is commercializing a portfolio of environmental solutions based on newly discovered electrically active microbes. By harnessing the power of bio-electricity and advances in electrochemistry, Cambrian Innovation’s products help industrial, agricultural, and government customers save money while recovering clean water and clean energy from wastewater streams. Our bio-electrogenic sensor platform enables... Read More

27 Drydock Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts
USA 02210
(617) 307-1755