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BiAqua is in the business of water security. Water security is the ability to access sufficient quantities of clean water to maintain minimal standards of food and goods production, sanitation and health. BiAqua is delivering bio-based solutions and related services for serious water contamination issues to water companies and consumers worldwide. BiAqua is established in strategic and financial partnership with Icos Capital and TU Delft. Solution: BiAqua has developed a bio-based solution to worldwide water contamination issues that is both highly effective and widely applicable. The solution targets major water companies as well as consumers worldwide. The technology uses bio-based material, as opposed to chemical and other materials and solutions currently in the market. This technology is low cost, has broad usability, and works tremendously fast and reliably in the prevention of the growth of algae and bacteria. The technology also eliminates metals or carcinogens in the water including arsenic or bromide.

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