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PureSense Environmental, Inc.

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PureSense Environmental Inc. is a Fresno, CA based company supplying proprietary, state-of-the-art irrigation and field monitoring solutions to Agriculture since 2006. Our second location in Oakland is home to our software development team, dedicated to keeping PureSense at the forefront of soil moisture and weather monitoring technology. The Company employs 32 people. Using PureSense, growers can access timely, accurate data for each monitored irrigation set. PureSense also offers customized alerts such as frost, heat and wind that enable growers to make fast decisions based on in-field conditions. The PureSense Support team helps growers understand and use their software more effectively, while the PureSense Service team takes care of all technical and maintenance tasks so that growers can stay focused on making optimal production decisions. PureSense puts the power of easy-to-use information in the farmer’s hands. As the only company delivering a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for growers, PureSense provides growers with tools to plan, schedule, and monitor their irrigation activities for improvements in water efficiency, plant health and crop yield.

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